Oft gefragt: When Does Rei Have Sales On Kayaks?

How often does REI have sales?

REI’s shipments come every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so that’s when you’ll see the best selection on inventory. The store also marks items down three out of four Tuesdays a month as well!

What is the REI garage sale?

What Is REI Garage Sale? The REI garage sale is a clearance sale that each store holds in its parking lot to sell returned items at hugely discounted prices. REI offers a one-year hassle-free return policy, so most items that are being sold are returned still new and unused for whatever the reason.

Does REI have an annual sale?

What is the REI Anniversary Sale? It’s REI’s biggest sale of the year, to celebrate its growing member base and its founding in 1938. Members can shop sales between 10 and 50 percent both in stores and online. The other annual sales happen during Labor Day, right before Thanksgiving, and in March.

Do REI coupons work on kayaks?

Offer valid with purchase of all kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards (including all markdown, reduced, or sale boats). Offer valid at REI.com, 1-800-426-4840 and REI stores. Offer not valid on REI Outlet items, REI Adventures or Outdoor School.

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Does REI have after Christmas sales?

After Christmas at REI expect holiday clearance to get marked down. This sale happens the day after Christmas and you can expect some nice markdowns when shopping at REI.

Do REI members get a discount?

Did you know most REI stores have full-on bike and ski shops in-house? And even better: Members get 10% off.

How often do REI garage sales happen?

REI Garage Sale Dates. REI hosts a number of nation-wide garage sales every year. REI corporate HQ organizes all the major stores (and most of the minor ones) to host a sale on a specific day or weekend, usually a Saturday/Sunday. These nation-wide events happen 4-6 times per year.

Are garage sales worth it?

Yes, it’s probably worth what you’re asking — but not to a garage-sale shopper. Your vintage goods may take longer to sell online than in your garage — but you’ll probably nab a much better price for a lot less effort.

Is REI expensive?

The REI membership fee of $20 is good for a lifetime membership. So the more years that you have an REI membership, the less it actually ends up costing. If you are buying gear over $200, it pays for itself immediately. I’m getting a few hundred bucks back every year with my REI Membership.

Does REI have price match?

Because of our status as a co-op and our focus on our members, we do not price-match. In case you’re not already an REI member, you can check out the benefits of our membership here!

Does REI have Memorial Day sales?

The REI Memorial Day Sale is actually the REI Anniversary Sale, which usually takes place leading up to the Memorial Day holiday. Traditionally, the Anniversary Sale ends the day of Memorial Day.

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Do REI coupons work on bikes?

With REI coupons and REI coupon codes, you can usually save at least 10% off camping and hiking gear, climbing supplies, cycling, running shoes, snow gear, traveling goods such as bags and backpacks, kids’ clothing and more.

Can you use the REI member coupon more than once?

” you can use multiple checkouts (1 item each checkout) to get more items with the discount.” It’s a one time use coupon so this won’t work. If you did manage to use it more than once I would expect them to cancel any orders beyond the first.

Can you return REI Outlet items?

Is there a physical REI Outlet store? REI Outlet is online only. However, you can return items purchased from REI Outlet to any REI store or by mail.

Does Rei do military discount?

REI does not offer an individual Military Discount, but they do offer a discount for large Military groups and have other options for saving. You can sign up for the Co-op Membership to get the beset savings on items as well as events. You can also save on purchasing items through the REI outlet or used section.

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