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What exactly is Rei Evangelion?

Rei Ayanami (Japanese: 綾波 レイ, Hepburn: Ayanami Rei) is a fictional character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, created by Gainax. She is the First Child and pilot of a giant mecha named Evangelion Unit 00. At the beginning of the series, Rei is an enigmatic figure whose unusual behavior astonishes her peers.

Is Rei from Evangelion a human?

Rei is Not a Human When Kaworu finally meets Rei, he confirms that Rei is the “same as he is.” Kaworu is the 17th Angel, and exists as an vessel for the soul of the first Angel, Adam. This is also why Rei can use any Evangelion — because she is, in essence, made of the same material as the EVAs.

Who is Rei a clone of?

Rei is not a naturally-born human, but rather a clone made from the DNA of Yui Ikari and the Angel Lilith. Therefore, she does not have a mother, and her “source” Yui’s soul inhabits Shinji’s Unit-01. So who is the soul in Unit-00? Interestingly, evidence points toward it being Rei herself.

Is Rei a God?

1 Answer. Beginning of the show she is a clone with thesoul of a dead/de-powered god/deity. End of the show she is a god with original Yui soul(which was in Unit 01)/Rei (Liliths soul).

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Is Rei in love with Shinjis dad?

In Episode 23, Rei sacrifices herself to save Shinji, realizing she has feelings for him. Eventually, Ritsuko reveals that Rei is in fact part of a series of clones of Shinji’s mother Yui, and in fact has three iterations throughout the series.

Does Rei Ayanami have autism?

Rei Ayanami ((綾波 レイ, Ayanami Rei) is a 14-year-old human high school student with Autism and Schizoid Personality Disorder (SzPD). She very rarely speaks, leading some to speculate that she is mute, as she sees no point in socializing with others and sharing experiences.

Is Rei Ayanami dead?

Rei II is introduced in the first episode and appears in the most episodes of the incarnations. She dies when she sacrifices herself and Unit-00 to destroy Armisael in episode 23. In The End of Evangelion, a shining figure of Rei is shown for a few frames looking down at Misato and Ritsuko moments before they die.

Does Shinji love Asuka?

In Episode 22, it is confirmed that Asuka has been wanting Shinji’s affections, but is too afraid to communicate herself directly to him. Asuka is terrified of being rejected, and simultaneously conflicted by having feelings for Shinji despite his flaws and her jealously towards him.

Does unit-00 have a soul?

The true nature of the soul inside Unit-00 is never specified, but it is implied to be directly connected to Rei in some fashion. Unit-00 was self-destructed by Rei in order to destroy the sixteenth Angel, Armisael.

Is Shinji an angel?

Following the failed activation test of Unit-03, and its abandonment and re-classification as the 13th Angel, Shinji is sortied to defeat it alongside Rei and Asuka. Even after Rei and Asuka are dispatched by the unit, Shinji still shows reluctance to fight it, claiming that he’d rather die than kill the pilot inside.

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Is Rei A Lilith?

Rei/Adam/Lilith hybrid being However, Rei rejects Gendo and with Adam’s body and soul within her, she proceeds to merge with Lilith’s body in Terminal Dogma. Since Rei was essentially Lilith itself, and Adam (as Kaworu) only appears briefly, it seems that Lilith has primary control over the being.

Is Rei in love with Gendo?

Rei 2. Rei 2 is perhaps the most loyal of the Rei clones towards Gendo, and Gendo once does demonstrate his feelings for Rei by going and personally rescuing her from the superheated entry plug, burning his own hands in the process.

Why did Rei slap Shinji?

When she asks doesn’t he have faith in his father, Shinji bitterly denounces him, getting his face slapped for his troubles. Knowing that Rei isn’t ready to fight, Gendo sends out Shinji in Eva-01.

Who killed Kaji?

In the game Secret of Evangelion, Ryoji Kaji was killed by Kyoya Kenzaki, his old friend. Misato’s implied sex scene with Kaji in Episode:20 was said by Anno to actually be a massage scene to TV Tokyo in order to get permission to air it.

Is Asuka a clone?

Asuka Soryu was not a clone. When adult Asuka says, “Baka Shinji,” it has a special meaning. Ken Ken doesn’t make a move on Asuka. Ken Ken would never make a move on 14-year-old Asuka.

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