Frage: When Do Rei Dividends Arrive?

How long does REI dividend take to show up?

When do I get my member dividend? Annual Dividend notices are sent out in March. For example, the member dividend you earn on purchases made in 2020 will be issued in March 2021 and expire in January 2023.

Is REI giving dividends this year?

REI is replacing its member dividend with a special reward after ending a pandemic-plagued year “without making a profit.” In a letter to co-op members, VP of marketing Vivienne Long wrote that the annual benefit — or a share of the outdoor and sporting goods retailer’s yearly profits — will not apply for 2020.

How do I claim my REI dividend?

Just make sure you’re signed in to your account with your membership number attached and as you check-out, your dividend will be available as a method of payment. Hope this helps, and if you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team at 1-800-426-4840.

Do you get dividends on REI outlet?

Here are some of the purchases you can ‘t earn a member dividend on: Sale items, discounted items, REI adventure travel, REI classes or day trips, sales tax, postage and the REI membership fee. Service fees for labor, mounting and rentals are also non-dividendable.

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Can you combine REI dividends?

We do not have a way for a member to gift their dividend to another person. Membership at REI belongs to the individual member and is non-transferable.

Do REI members get free shipping?

Terms and Conditions: FREE U.S. STANDARD SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more. Exclusions apply. Offer valid only on orders placed at, REI Outlet and 1-800-426-4840.

What’s the REI dividend?

What is the REI Dividend? The dividend is a sum of money that is awarded back to REI co-op members every year. The amount of money is based on two primary factors: a percentage of all eligible purchases made by a member and any rewards they accrued on their REI Mastercard during the previous year.

Do REI gift cards count towards dividend?

Purchases of gift cards are not eligible for the REI member dividend. REI gift cards cannot be used to purchase REI classes, tours and events or rentals on, however, gift cards can be used to purchase REI classes, tours, and events and rentals in a store.

How do I use my REI dividend Online?

You can use your dividend when you purchase on – just make sure you’re signed in to your online account and have your membership attached; your dividend will then appear as an option to use during check-out!

Can you return clearance items to REI?

@Philreedshikes is right – closeout items are ones we will no longer carry (once we’ve sold through our current inventory) and are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 1 year return policy. In contrast, Used Gear has a 30 day return policy. Hope this helps!

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Does REI price match?

For products purchased on or in REI stores, we will honor the sale price if you purchased within the last 14 days and your item is the same product number, color, and size as the item on sale. If so, we will gladly refund the difference to you.

How do I find my dividend?


  1. Tap Portfolio menu at the top and click on Holdings.
  2. Find stock for which you want to check the dividend history.
  3. Hover your mouse on stock’s name and click on Options (three dots).
  4. Click on View dividends received.

Does REI make a profit?

In 2019, the company reported $3.1 billion in revenue and $21 million in net income. Because REI did not make a profit, however, instead of receiving a dividend this year, REI is offering members 10% back on eligible full-price purchases in 2020.

Does REI have a Memorial Day sale?

The REI Memorial Day Sale is actually the REI Anniversary Sale, which usually takes place leading up to the Memorial Day holiday. Traditionally, the Anniversary Sale ends the day of Memorial Day.

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